tokaryk design logo



This design was an opportunity to enhance my technical vector drawing skills and explore creative expression through Ad creation. The design goal was to develop a full-page advertisement and illustrate (in Adobe Illustrator) a three-dimensional, colour accurate, lifelike, technical drawing of a home or personal appliance, using gradient mesh, blending, textured surfaces and any other applicable effects within Adobe Illustrator. The product illustration was featured within an advertisement of my design.

This personal product is worn on the wrist during sleep. It affects one of the human body’s many golden triangles to assist with sleep by stimulating nerves and the body’s natural biological rhythms. The concept of this product intrigued me and I found the technical drawing challenging. To create the advertisement, the product did not have a name or a brand so I invented Trance Gear. I created the logo referencing the triangle concept and modified the typography for the brand name. I designed the ad to represent the product levitating mystically below the brand logo with the caption Release anxiety. Sleep deep.