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This motion graphic artwork was created for Humber Galleries Reactivation Project. For this artwork I adapted my Linohaus Typeface (recently designed 2021) to make a text-based artwork that animated the word 'Disequilibrium'.

Capturing 20 stills from Cassandra Sinnaeve’s choreography Disequilibrium, I attempted to articulate her energy and form. Using all the characters in the artwork title, I chose to create a text-based digital artwork that animated new letterform designs. Tracing Cassandra’s movements, these text compositions are figure studies made on a digital canvas, united through motion graphics.

Reactivation project description:

What does inspiration and collaboration look like in a distanced setting?

What does a music piece reacting to a physical artwork sound like?

What does an artwork look like in response to a movement piece?

As we continue to work and adjust to this new digital world Humber Galleries wanted to explore how different disciplines inspire creation in one another while working completely separated. Bringing together a group of multi-disciplinary Humber students to help us we’ve created a new project entitled Reactivation.