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Wendy Tokaryk - Visual Artist and Designer

My creative projects are influenced by both analog and digital technologies, and inspired by hand crafted objects and the process of making. Through this intersection of approaches I propose new possibilities and design solutions. My goal is to achieve an aesthetic that is distinct, memorable, and to collaborate with others to produce results that are one-of-a-kind.

As a Designer, my technical skills focus on designing for print and web media. I enjoy a broad range of challenges that include Illustration, Printed Media and Packaging, Editorial Publications, UX/UI Design, and Web prototyping. My artistic research has focused on process, problem solving, and technical practice. My education has resulted in a strong foundation enabling my ability to implement methodologies, complete detailed research, write effective body copy, and demonstrate an aptitude for conceptualization and ideation.

I was motivated by a desire to broaden my artistic knowledge and complete my training in Graphic Design for Print and Web at Humber College in 2021. I have completed a Master's of Fine Art at the University of Calgary, BFA Fine Arts and BA Honours Art History from the University of Saskatchewan.