tokaryk design logo



The design goal was to develop an original creative pop can. All aspects of the pop can design (including the wordmark brand and illustrated graphics) were created in Adobe illustrator. The wordmark logo for the imagined pop brand name and the final artwork graphics were compiled into production-ready flat art files with process or spot colors. Additionally, a 3-dimensional rendering was created using 3D effect mapping in Adobe Illustrator for a final presentation.

For this design challenge it was important to research various beverage container styles and designs to aid with brainstorming ideas for my own pop can design. The product I envisioned is a prebiotic tonic to aid digestion. Prebiotic tonics contain soluble fiber from various plants - a beneficial food source for healthy Probiotic gut bacteria. My fictitious brand name is Urps (shortened from ‘burps’) and also related to the tag line Drink with a Purpose! (u-r-p is also in the word purpose). I developed several exotic flavors such as Rose-artichoke-lime, Pineapple-agave-banana, Ginger-grapefruit-dandelion, Spirulina-lemon-wild yam, and Mango-kiwi-turmeric. For my pop-can I chose Blueberry-grape-coneflower to illustrate and develop into a 3D rendering.