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This project is a print-based booklet focused on the subjects of garden greens.

This instructional and informative booklet will include an overview of popular edible greens that can be grown in any Canadian garden, indoors and outdoors. Lettuce varieties will be featured, as well as other healthy leafy greens and herbs. The instructional booklet will highlight a variety of my favorite recipes (with some uncommon uses) that incorporate lettuces and leafy greens.

Three featured design components of this project are:

  • Booklet Layout, Content, and Research. Using Adobe InDesign I applied typesetting and editorial layout techniques for the text and images. Body copy and recipes were selected from my research - and by growing my own community garden plot.
  • Illustrations. The aesthetic for this booklet focuses more on illustration but still incorporates some documentary photography. I created the illustrative backgrounds, side bar images, and renderings of the lettuces using Adobe Illustrator techniques learned during the Graphic Design for Print and Web program.
  • Typography. I designed three typefaces: Sharpie marker regular, Sharpie marker italic, and Paintmarker bold to use as Decorative typeface as a feature of the booklet. Linohaus Deco was designed earlier this year.