tokaryk design logo



The task was to design a box package for an imagined tea brand. This included: a 2-dimensional die-line (template) for the 3-dimensional folded box, logo creation, creating a company name, and deciding a flavor for the tea. I wrote the body copy for the box, designed a new logo, and chose the fictional company name. The Teabox company logo was created from a linocut (printmaking) shape that I made using traditional techniques, scanned, and then vectorized in Adobe Illustrator.

One of the key design challenges required an awareness of text and design formatting from panel to panel. Working from a 2-dimensional die-line requires organization to present information logically with correct orientation when folded into a 3-dimensional box. Die-lines and fold-lines are important to design planning when establishing a template for print. Understanding spot colors, CMYK and Pantone in appropriate areas for printed materials was also part of the design challenge. The graphic appearance of the tea box was designed in Adobe Illustrator.